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BF Goodrich Company was a major American manufacturing company and is one of the popular company in making of automobile tires and related products. The company was founded in Akron, Ohio in 1870 by Benjamin Franklin Goodrich. Benjamin Franklin was a medical doctor form New York that was interested in the business possibilities for relocating to the Midwest. The company grew into producing plastic and chemical products during the early 20th century, and became one of the largest producers of polyvinyl chloride in the United States.

By the 1980’s the company became the BF Goodrich Company, its aerospace division became more profitable than its mature tire and materials division. In 1986 Goodrich merged its tire operations with Uniroyal to form the Uniroyal-Goodrich Tire Company. Meanwhile the BF Goodrich Company divested itself of this chemical operations and concentrated on aerospace products and services. The latest merging of the company was when the company agreed to be purchased by aerospace giant United Technologies Corporation.

Goodrich Part Number List

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