Iskra Electronic Components Catalog

Iskra was established on March 8 in 1946. The company broke up and was divided into many separate companies, including Iskratel, Iskra Avtoelektrika, Iskraemeco, Fotona, and Iskra Amesi. Today the company is constantly updating their knowledge at reputable Solvenian research and development institutions and also draw on the latest research results from the world’s repositories of knowledge. The company works in the following sectors telecommunications, automation, devices and components, and offers services. The business field of devices offers a comprehensive range of electronic products for application and installation in complex automation systems in industrial and energy sector. The Iskre Sistemi business range includes distribution and trade in electric power, energy consulting and distribution of heat for district heating. The automation part of the company is broken into three sectors; railway traffic automation, road traffic automation, and automation in energy sector and industry.

Iskra Part Number List

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