Sigma Electronic Components Catalog

Sigma Electronic, inc. is a Texas based designer and manufacturer of custom design transformer and wire wound magnetic component. Sigma enjoys a reputation for quality and service, providing its customers with innovative solutions to challenging transformer problems. Designing to customer specifications, building to prints, and duplicating existing units are all part of the work provided by our engineering staff. Quality standards are rigorously enforced with standards, which are traceable to the United State Bureau of Standards. Prototype development utilizes the same equipment and personnel as production quantities to assure a uniform product from design to finish. Full documentation accompanies all prototype stages of development, which assures reproduction capabilities. Sigma provides economical answers to your transformer needs. We also have a Mexico based manufacturing facility. This added facility widens our capabilities while freeing up time in our main headquarters. We can build high volume production runs there, with all the quality and high standards our Houston facility has built our reputation on.

Sigma Part Number List

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