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Sun Electronic Industries Corp (SUNCON) was established on December 22, 1958. The capital for the company is 90 million yen and has Hideaki Sato as the president. The executive director is Junichi Yamashita and has approximately 390 employees. The main focus of the business is to design, manufacture, and the sales of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The company also designs, manufactures, and sells DC-DC converters and high-density mounting boards. The company also sells AC-DC power supplies. The company has offices in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Germany, California and Taipei. There are various types of Aluminum Capacitors including polymer-hybrid (EP-cap). There are various types of high-density mount boards that support AV/industrial equipment and also developing/designing to manufacture and sell. The type of aluminum electrolytic capacitors the company carries are surface mount type and radial lead type. The surface mount type can contribute to high performance and high reliability of equipment. The radial lead type product line can contribute to high reliability and miniaturization (low profile) of equipment. The long life of the WA series that achieves 10,000 hours under 105 and UWG/SWG series that achieves low ESR with a low profile are both features of the radial lead type for aluminum electrolytic capacitors have.

Suncon Part Number List

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