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Have you been having issues finding Sunon parts? Our website is broken down into various categories to better assist you with finding the correct electronic parts manufacturers you require. ASAP Semiconductor is an electronic parts distributors and a great place to start if you know what type of electronic part you’re looking for from the manufacture but not much else. FAN, ULTRASLIM, 30MM, 12, FAN, 35X35X10MM, 5VDC; E, FAN, SLIM, 40MM, 5VDC; E, FAN, 30X30X10MM, 5VDC; E, FAN, 30X30X6MM, 5VDC; Ex can assist you with exact descriptions. We also list exact part types and can search across a company’s top parts, such as HC19U3.2768MHz, HC18U12000MHz, HC18U12 000 MHz, HC18U-22.656MHZ, HC-49U3 2768MHZ. Submit your RFQ now and a sales rep will connect with you in 15 minutes or less to ensure you’re buying from the correct electronic manufacturers.

Founded in 1999 as a subsidiary of Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industrial Company, Ltd., Sunon Inc. is dedicated to providing engineering expertise and excellent support to customers in the U.S, Canada and countries in Central and South America. Operating in Brea, California, Sunon Inc.'s office comprises the design center, the product testing lab and the value added facility which provides support for specialized assemblies that is unique to the local market requirements. Sunon Inc's, manufacturers' representatives, distributor sales force and customer service representation is highly trained to provide efficient order handling. Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industrial Company, Ltd was founded in 1980 by Alex Horng, President, as a dedicated manufacturer of fans and motors. Sunon is a global company headquartered in Taiwan, with a strategic geographic presence in Asia, Europe and the Americas. With 5 regional subsidiaries, 70 distributors, and 1,000 sales representatives, Sunon is strategically positioned to offer a wide range of marketing, technical, training, and other support services.

Sunon Part Number List

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