Vogt Electronic Components Catalog

The company is a famous German electronic components manufacturer that was founded in 1934. The company was listed on the Munich and Frankfurt stock exchanges. When the company was listed on the stock exchange Sumida acquired 78.1% through public tender offer and took a control in February 2006. Since the joining of both countries, they made a global coil manufacturing group which has nearly 20,000 employees in nearly 19 countries. Vogt on its own has 3,245 employees and is located in Erlau Germany near Passau. Vogt develops and manufactures inductive components and modules as well as complete electronic systems. For businesses the company provides antenna coils, censor coil/modules, ignition coil/modules, noise filters, xDSL splitter modules, DC/DC converter transformers. For the ems business the company offers steering control units, GPS antennas, security control unit’s diesel engine control units, electronic circuits used in power supply etc.

Vogt Part Number List

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