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Relays – Electronic Parts Sourcing

Your electronic parts search has been made easy by ASAP Semiconductor an electronic parts suppliers, USA. Let’s say you need an Array Network Resistor but you don’t know anything else about the electronic component? Our straightforward search function will show you top manufacturers for these resistors, such as Littelfuse Inc, TE Connectivity, TYCO. Additionally, the manufacturers highest distributed part numbers will be listed, such 02040601Z, 02040603Z, 02040605Z, 02040707Z, 02040709Z. We also list via the most searched for descriptions as RELAY AUTOMOTIVE SPST 25, RELAY AUTOMOTIVE SPDT 20, RELAY AUTOMOTIVE SPDT 30, RELAY AUTOMOTIVE SPST 30, RELAY AUTOMOTIVE SPDT 40. Submit your RFQ now to get help with the obsolete electronic part types you need now.

Relays are essentially electrically operated switches. They consist of a coil of wire that is wrapped around an iron core, generating a magnetic field when an electrical current passes through it. Although other methods are sometimes used, a majority of the time relays use an electromagnet to operate a switching mechanism mechanically. Relays are used in scenarios where a circuit or several circuits need to be controlled by one signal. There are many types of relays that are used in slightly different applications. These include latching, reed, mercury-wetted, mercury, polarized, machine tool, coaxial, contactor, solid state, buchholz, forced-guided contacts, and overload protection relays. However, the overall general idea is that they protect electrical circuits from overload or faults.

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