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The company was founded by Kazuma Tateisi in in 1933 and started off as Tateisi Electric Manufacturing Co. It has provided the world with innovative solutions and advanced technologies. The company Omron was named after the district, “Omuriro”, of where Mr. Tateisi first set up their shop in Kyoto city. During 1933 until 1960, encompassing World War II was the time of scientific discovery in Japan where Omron was able to prove itself. One of Mr. Tateisi first milestone achievements was testing and proving the operating of the x-ray timer. After showing proof of the working of the X-ray, Omron started receiving large orders form hospitals. On May 10 of this year, the company celebrated the 80th anniversary of the company. The company currently has over 35,000 full time employees working in over 35 countries worldwide. The company started off with only the x-ray timer and now carries out constant technological innovation in a range of automation fields such as industrial control equipment, factory automation systems, electronic components, transport infrastructure, healthcare devices and services, environmental solutions and related devices, embedded systems, and computer peripherals. The current 2013 president and CEO of the OMRON Corporation is Yoshihito Yamada.

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