Siemens Electronic Components Catalog

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Siemens AG was founded in 1847 in Berlin, Germany. The company’s current headquarters are in Munich and Bavaria at Germany. The groups the company specializes in are automation, building technologies, energy, financial solutions, and healthcare, mobility, and consumer products. Siemens also offers market-specific solutions in the automotive, chemicals, cities, data centers, food and beverages, glass and solar, healthcare, machine building, metals, ming & cement, municipalities and DSOs, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, pulp & paper, transportation and logistics, water and wind equipment. For the automation system, the company offers operator control and monitoring systems, identification systems, industrial communication, industrial controls, PC based automation, process control systems, sensor systems, power supplies, and products for specific requirements.


At Siemens, They determined to meet and wherever possible, exceed all legal and ethical requirements. Their responsibility is to accomplish all business in keeping with the highest professional and ethical norms: leaving no tolerance for non-compliant behavior. They also help business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders in adopting similar standards of ethical behavior. Excellence demands continuous improvement, constantly challenging existing processes and embracing change to enable them to be in the right place when new opportunities open up. Excellence also means drawing the best talent and equipping them with the skills and opportunities to become high-achievers.

Siemens Part Number List

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