ASAP Semiconductor, is committed to supplying products to exceed customer expectations for quality and all products are under warranty for fit, form, and functionality. Our quality objectives set by management are constantly analyzed and improved. We also use many customer satisfaction measurements to determine our performance, including customer surveys, complaints and on-time delivery. We want to make sure all of our customers are completely satisfied with the products we sell.

  •  Data sheet verification of all parts.
  •  X-RAY Analysis with views under macro zoom (200x) microscope for quality detection.
  •  Digital photos of all outgoing parts.
  •  A strict approved vendor list (AVL)
  •  Decapsulation Analysis
  •  J-Tag verification via Die ID
  •  The only distributor to pledge to not buy/ source from China with a 100 percent guarantee. THE ASAP NO CHINA SOURCING Pledge
  •  The only distributor to ship every board level electronic component with a quality control inspection and test report from an approved test facility.

We use GD4 as an Independent 3rd Party Test Facility

GD4 Test Services, Inc.
Electronic Component Test and Services
Office – 512-535-1677
Fax – 210-568-9987
Click Here to View the Sample Test Report

Aviation and Aerospace Quality Protocol

We understand the importance of quality control. Our utmost priority is quality, therefore, each item we ship has been thoroughly examined to ensure it meets the desired standard for our customer. Quality Control personnel are qualified and knowledgeable with regard to the inspection of aerospace parts and their accompanying documentation. Through strict adherence to the safety procedures and regulations we can ensure the parts shipped meet the highest quality standards possible. 

Our Quality Assurance System is designed to control all of the processes affecting quality and customer satisfaction, from the initial receipt of an order to the delivery of the finished product. Continually striving to improve customer satisfaction with quality product is our goal.