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1-Dimensional Semiconductors Likely To Become Possible with New Material

Scientists are always looking at ways to improve the way the world works around us, at the University of Texas a team of physicists have discovered some of the behaviors an anatomical semiconductor can behave in, and they are predicting that they will be able to build even smaller transistors. What they discovered preceded a published study that explained the details of how a 2-dimensional semiconductor works. They found that a new material, molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), is capable of giving basic binary signaling on a 1-dimensional surface. This discovery shows how much technologically advanced we have become compared to the last couple of decades.

Semiconductors parts which are part of all our technologies are usually made from silicon, hence the name Silicon Valley. Being a physicist means to understand how the world around us functions. If we look at all the technological advancements that we have today, what they all have in common is that essentially there was a physicist who wanted to understand how something works. Having said that, physicists noticed that this new material can behave in a different way than the usual silicon based semiconductors. They discovered that electrical currents move or behave differently in MoS2 than they do in silicon based semiconductors. Electrical currents tend to stay on the edges of the MoS2 material which can have the potential of saving energy rather than spreading all over the material like it does in Silicon.

This quality of energizing the edges of a material is fundamentally important because not only the inside of a material id pointless but it’s a waste of material and these semiconductor parts can eventually be made smaller and possible into a 1-dimensional semiconductor. ASAP Semiconductor is a company dedicated to provide a very easy to use platform for hard to find at a fairly low and competitive prices for all information technology and electronic industries. You can visit us on our website www.asapsemi.com to find out more information or to get instant quotes any time feel free to call us at 714-705-4780 or email us at sales@asapsemi.com.


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