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A New Micro-Electromechanical Organization Accelerometer by Freescale Semiconductor

Get in Touch With Freescale Semiconductor: Freescale Semiconductor has presented a new micro-electromechanical organization accelerometer containing ultra-low power intake and a plug-and-play method to tilt threshold finding for the use in physical damage defense for clever meter submissions. Freescale’s Xtrinsic MMA8491Q energy-efficient accelerometer increases the selection to industrial markets demanding extensive pin pitch, visually inspectable leads and extended manufactured goods life series. The Xtrinsic MMA8491Q accelerometer was intended to be very supple and useful for a large variation of requests beyond intelligent metering in which direction needs to be precisely measured.

The accelerometer also is idyllic for following quality control in business and industrial locations and can be working in eHealth and transportable health observing systems. They also announced a new family of image awareness computers for the driver support market. The SCP2200 family features CogniVue’s APEX IP technology and is perfect for motorized smart camera submissions. The family, along with the complementary libraries, hardware and software expansion kits, gives automakers a inclusive set of tools to design intelligent camera submissions and assisting them to carry their answers to the market more rapidly. In addition, they announced the creation of the MM9Z1J638 Xtrinsic battery device which is the industry’s leading CAN-based battery device that precisely measures the current, the temperature, and the voltage of lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, as well as calculating the battery state and its all while working in tough motorized circumstances. Precise information on these battery restrictions has become dangerous due to the surge in cross vehicles and overall electric content, as well as the overview of start-stop systems in vehicles. The MM9Z1J638 Xtrinsic battery device gives a full-bodied and cost-effective explanation for designers, allowing accurate measurement of key battery parameters in motorized and industrial submissions. For best quote contact today Freescale's online.


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