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Adafruit partners with RS Components

Adafruit is a privately-owned company that is based in the US. Their focus is on designing and manufacturing open source electronic hardware. They are always up to date and are always trying to come with different ways to design their products. It is a competitive field, therefor they always try to design products that are unique and reliable. Because if their competitive products and great service RS has signed a distribution agreement, where Adafruit is supplying hardware, tools, equipment and electronics to makers and hobbyists.

They are planning to get products, a whole line for them products such as boards and accessories for the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. The plan for these products is to be available to RS customers anywhere in the world. Which is cool, it is going to be available worldwide which is helpful. RS product manager Rob Maycroft said

“Adafruit is a well-respected provider of maker and hobbyist products aimed at a highly diverse range of ages and skills. This is important to our growing user base of students and innovators”

and the founder of Adafruit mentioned

“This global agreement with RS will help us extend our reach to ensure that engineers, developers and makers across the world have fast and easy access to our electronics and more.”

This agreement if going to benefit both sides and will even benefit consumers. Getting reliable products is something everyone aspires and every person is looking for it. Adafruit products are unique

“They feature unique and fun DIY electronic components and kits that turn everyday objects into high tech prototypes suitable for education and advanced production concepts”


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