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Advanced Linear Devices Inc - Leading Provider of Precision CMOS Linear Integrated Circuits

The Inventor of the Innovative EPAD Technology: Sunnyvale, California based company; Advanced Linear Devices Inc. was established in 1985. They have become a leader in developing precision CMOS linear integrated circuits. This company has had many industrial firsts over the years that have set the standard high and their made their reputation excellent.

These industrial firsts include the following:

  • CMOS Rail-to-Rail Operational Amplifiers
  • Function-Specific ASIC Program
  • EPAD Operational Amplifiers
  • 5 ½ Digit DVM Chipsets
  • Ultra Low Offset EPAD Analog Voltage Comparator
  • Zero Threshold EPAD MOSFET
  • NanoPower EPAD MOSFET Matched Pair Family
  • EPAD Energy Harvesting Modules
  • Micropower Step Up Low Voltage Energy Harvesting Booster
  • Precision Supercap Auto Balancing MOSFET

The Name Synonymous for Quality Products:

Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. includes the following reliable standard products:

  • Energy Harvesting Products
  • Made for low power, intermittent duty and long storage time applications.
  • Dual Slope ACD Processors and Controllers
  • Operational Amplifiers
  • Analog Voltage Comparators
  • These are offered as micropower devices with low input currents and high output currents.
  • Analog timers
  • Analog Switches
  • MOSFET Arrays
  • Small signal matched pair MOSFET arrays, N-channel enhancement mode MOSFETs, P-channel enhancement mode MOSFETs, precision n-channel depletion mode MOSFETs, complementary N- & P-channel enhancement mode MOSFETs, zero-threshold mode MOSFETs, high drive zero-threshold matched pair MOSFETs and nanopower MOSFETs.
  • Digital Voltmeters (DVMs)

This company also manufactures specialty products which include EPAD MOSFETS and EPAD Operational Amplifiers. Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. has products that use the EPAD technology which stands for Electrically Programmable Analog Devices which is innovative technology designed by Advanced Linear Devices themselves. This technology has threshold voltage and qualities that are electrically adjusted to a certain controlled level. Even if power is removed from the device, the programmed level is permanently saved.

Procure from ASAP Semiconductor:

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