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Airbus Wants To Patent A Seat That Could Revolutionize How Airlines Sell Tickets

Benjamin Zhang from Business Insider released an article talking about Airbus’ latest seat patent that could possibly revolutionize the way air ticket sells in order to maximize profits. The federal standard for all widths of airplane seats has been used for over 50 years. This standard width came from a measurement done in 1962.

However, airlines are doing what they can to squeeze more people into their planes. What doesn’t help is the fact that this leads to less moving and personal space on flights and on top of this, people are getting larger.

Earlier in February of this year, the United States Patent and Trademark Office received and published a patent by Airbus. This patent is from Airbus’ Sven Taubert and Florian Schmidt for what is coined as a “reconfigurable passenger bench seat.”

This bench is adjustable so that it could hold anywhere from two passengers up to a whole family. To be more specific, the seat belts, armrest placements, and bench is adjustable. Because of the adjustability, the airline can cater to the amount of passengers they can fit as well as adjusting their personal space.

This type of bench will be extremely beneficial for overweight passengers who would normally have to buy an extra seat and even families with children which would normally have to pay full adult price for their small children.

Airbus was founded on December 18, 1970 in Blagnac France which founders Roger Béteille, Henri Ziegler, and Bernard Lathière. Their headquarters are in Toulouse, France.


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