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Aircraft Design Can Help Alleviate Jet Lag

When in an aircraft flying for long flights, many people experience jet lag after they touchdown in their final destination. Qatar Airways claims that they developed new designs in its plane models to reduce jet lag from lengthy flights. This will relieve one of the many headaches of flying like luggage, delays, and turbulence.

After investing over $15 Billion of research and 2,600 hours of continual testing, Qatar Airways has created an outstanding new technology with their commercial flights that reduces jet lag. This new technology will be used commercially very soon with all of Qatar Airways standard flights. Qatar Airways has coined the first jet lag reduced plane, the A350 XWB. This plane is said to be “equipped with LED lights that automatically adjust to flyers’ circadian rhythms and the warmth and glow of the sun”. Chief Engineer at Airbus, Alain De Zotti states that

The aircraft also automatically filters the air every few minus, provides more space and offers a smoother ride.

The first flight of this astonishing technology was from Qatar to New York, which took place last week. Also, it plans to fly to and from hubs in Europe and Asia.


July 19, 2016

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