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New - Allegro Microsystems 0° to 360° Angle Sensor ICs

Angle sensor ICs are the key component when it comes to controlling your cars brakes, power steering, throttle and even the transmission. With Allegro Microsystems new 0° and 360° angle sensor ICs, your vehicle will be in the most capable of hands. The draw of these new angle sensor ICs is their ability to handle high-resolution through a means that requires no contact, but instead obtains data based on CVH (Circular Vertical Hall) knowledge.

A1333 and A1339 come equipped to handle not only single but dual die as well. Both options have a system on chip which allows one hundred read and write cycles. Each electronic device can handle automotive requests that might need 0° to 360° angle support. This angle support works well with many components of automotive such as the steering and braking mechanics and the transmission. The A1339 option also comes equipped with a power saving mode, used to make notes on changes in the magnetic field, even when the car is technically turned off.

Each option has been conceived in agreement with the International Organization for Standardization statement on road vehicle functional safety. Both parts also meet the requirements set forth by Automotive Safety Integrity Levels B and D, respectively. The new design that allows the parts to sit on top of one another instead of next to one another, this new configuration means improved matching. This new feature allows A1333 and A13339 to be among the safest options currently being installed on vehicles currently on the road.


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