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Amatom: Manhandles the Competition

Working out of Cromwell, Connecticut, Amatom is leading supplier of handles for the aerospace, electronics, telecommunications, automotive, and military markets. Established in 1957, Amatom soon became known for its Electronic Hardware Reference Manual—colloquially dubbed “The Bible of the Electronic Hardware Industry.” As of 2003, Amatom has been operating as a subsidiary of Carey Manufacturing. In addition to producing the forerunner to today’s online reference manuals, Amatom creates catches, latches, and handles—produced from brass, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel in over 35 decorative finishes, as well as giving the option of powder coat finishes in over 50 textures and colors. Amatom Corporation’s customers include the following notable companies:

  • Military/Aerospace: Lockheed Martin, Eaton, Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, and Milpower Source.
  • Telecommunications: 3Com Corporation, Cabletron Systems, and PairGrain Technologies.
  • Computer Electronics: Hewlett Packard, Pitney Bowes, and Markem Electrical Services.
  • Sub-Assembly Firms: Flextronics, Columbia Technical, Alton, Inc., Solectron, Jabil Circuits, and Act Manufacturing.

Amatom’s portfolio of products includes:

  • Handles: Amatom offers handles in a wide range of positions, profiles, threads, materials, and finishes.
  • Standoffs: Amatom’s family of standoffs comes in male, female, round, square, hex, hinged, anti-rotation, and metric variants.
  • Insulating Washers: Amatom’s array of non-metallic, flat and shoulder washers is made from a number of compounds including Teflon, nylon, phenolic, fiber, and delrin.
  • Ferrules: Amatom’s ferrules are ideal for decorative applications.
  • Positive Locking Handles: Amatom’s low-profile handles are manufactured for intense, military environments.
  • Captive Panel Screws: Ranging from 2-56 to 3/8-16 threads, Amatom’s captive panel screws are fabricated from brass and stainless steel.
  • Spacers: Available in either metric or American measurements, Amatom’s spacers are produced in a large range of diameters, clearance holes, and lengths to fit any application.
  • Retainers: Amatom’s line of spacers come in steel, brass, and stainless steel.

ASAP Semiconductor is a leading distributor of Amatom Corporation parts. Prospective customers can browse our inclusive catalog of both obsolete and in-production Amatom Corporation components and assemblies ranging from handles to insulators to ferrules and more at asapsemi.com. If you are interested in a quote, please contact our friendly sales staff at sales@asapsemi.com.


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