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Amphenol Connectors and Interconnect Systems are on High demand in International Markets

History About Rise of Amphenol in worldwide manufacturer : Amphenol is a major worldwide manufacturer of mainly, electronic and fiber optic connectors as well as various cables and interconnect systems such as coaxial cables. They design and manufacture all of their connectors and cables in-house. Amphenol was originally named American Phenolic Corporation, later; the names were combined to form Amphenol.

The company was founded in the state of Chicago in 1932 by Mr. Arthur Schmitt. Their first product was a tube socket for radio tubes. The company acquired main manufacturing rights to a majority of connectors used in military hardware during World War II. These connectors were used in anywhere from airplanes to radios. The current primary end markets for Amphenol products are information processing and communication markets, as well as transportation. Amphenol is still growing significantly, with revenue of 3.94 billion in 2011 and a net income of 528.8 million. Amphenol is a publically traded company with a share price of $75.53 in mid-August, 2013. Its headquarters is located in Wallingford, Connecticut. Amphenol currently employs over 40,000 employees worldwide.

Where to Get a Genuine Products:

Amphenol Aerospace is genuine distributors  and the largest division of Amphenol, with its headquarters in Sidney, New York. This division of Amphenol used to be Bendix Corporation but was bought by Amphenol in 1987. The facility is over 670,000 square feet and this division alone houses over 1,000 employees. The facility incorporates up-to-date revolutionary manufacturing technologies, such as CNC machining, molding, die-casting, plating, impact and extruding, process controls, and screw machining. They are also equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory alongside highly trained engineers who utilize the latest in CAD software and analysis tools. This full package allows Amphenol Aerospace to design, create prototypes, test, and qualify their latest interconnect systems. The Amphenol Aerospace division also has several facilities in New Hampshire, Toronto, as well as satellite assembly plants in Mexico and China. Amphenol’s key principles are focus, innovation and responsiveness which add up to the final key principle, performance.

In 2009, Amphenol acquired Jaybeam Wireless. That division is currently named Amphenol Antenna Solutions. Amphenol most recently became the first recipient of the TUV certificate of AC PV connectors. Amphenol LTW is the first company in the world to meet two PfG 1915 .04.11 standard and obtain TUV certification for PV AC Connectors.


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