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Amphenol Releases Rigidity Cable for Optimal Performance

The problem that often occurs in many of these tester cables is the separation of the inner connection pin. With the removal of the inner pin the entire cable may no longer be used. There are other options to cut the cable and replace the connector but Amphenol has created the ultimate solution for these cheap cables.

Amphenol continues to create innovative components and other aerospace products. Releasing a new higher end phase stable test cables with improved amplitude. These newly designed cables can connect to measurement and test applications up to 20GHz configurations.

The connector its self has been made to be permanently placed on the cable for maximum performance. The cable comes in a white coat and leading up to the stainless-steel connector is a rubber black protection to reinforce the cable.

Specifically designed to be more application friendly, along with increasing the amounts of uses it would be able to with stand. Its ‘rigidity’ design has increased its life cycle to an approximate 5000 mating cycles. The cable has been made from a shielded coaxing material to be able to with stand harsh conditions and for a more agile movement

The cables are made in sizes of 24 in, 36 in, 48, 72 in and 1 meter. Amphenol makes custom order lengths when requested. The cables stability is set at a ±5 which is used to prevent the tampering of the of the connector. Crafted with maximum efficiency the connector Is made from stainless steel.

Along with the coaxing material the cable has been wrapped in a FEP jacket featuring strip braid for extreme coating protection. Amphenol is a leading manufacture for many component industries all over the market. After further tests the cables test phase “stable results.”

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