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An Introduction to the importance and Applications of Pulling Support Grips

Pulling Grips are available in a wide range of styles and are made of high-quality galvanized-steel wire. Pulling Grips are woven in galvanized steel for greater strength and longer life.  All styles feature a smooth, even, thin profile, making these grips easy-to-use, quick-to-install and reusable many times over. Pulling Grips are reusable tools for pulling bare conductors, insulated wires, synthetic rope, wire rope, and fiber optic cable. These grips do not damage the cable, as the tension remains uniform throughout the length of the grip. The mesh responds to fit either a single cable or a bundle of cables. Pulling Grips may be used for pulling cable on overhead or underground applications, for stringing service or communication lines into factories, for pulling wire through conduit, and for underground electrical pulls.

tandard closed-mesh support grips are available in a wide variety of eye styles and cable ranges. Support grips are woven from corrosion-resistant tinned-bronze wire, except for bus-drop grips, which are made from galvanized steel. Many of these grips can be upgraded to stainless-steel wire for applications demanding a higher level of corrosion resistance. Support Grips distribute the weight of vertical drops and sloping runs over the length of the grip to protect the cable from damage.

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