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Apple goes on a Hiring Spree for New London-Based GPU Development Team

Apple is in the mean of a hiring frenzy for engineers specializing in graphics technologies for a new “graphics team” to be based in London. The Californian tech giant is currently advertising at least 11 hardware engineering roles at its new UK Design Centre, based in London. They are designed to work on the development of GPUs in what the job ads describe as a “newly formed graphics team”.

The job ads on Apple’s corporate careers website have been posted on multiple times between December 2016 up to just last week. Apple has informed Imagination Technologies that it plans to stop using Imaginations GPU technologies.

In favor of its own technology and developed in-house, they plan to release within the next two years. Here is the list of jobs advertised on Apple’s website that refer to working on graphics technologies and GPU development include: Design Verification Engineer, Design Verification Lead, Engineering Program Manager, Graphics Content Engineer, Graphics hardware Performance Engineer, Graphics Micro Architect, Graphics RTL Design Engineer, Graphics Senior RTL Design Engineer, Hardware Modeling Engineer, RTL Design Engineer, RTL Power Optimization Engineer.

All of the job ads promote the roles as “a career defining prospect to get in at the ground floor as we build our UK Design Centre”. The ad for the Engineering Program Manager states the business is looking for a “resourceful, energetic Engineering Program Manager to join a newly-formed graphics design team and aid in program co-ordination locally, and with teams globally”.

Apple already has a graphic team and according to reports has hired as many as 25 former Imagination staff recently. Building a new graphics team based in London would allow it to speed up its GPU expansion plans as it gets ready to introduce its own chips into its products.

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