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Arrow and Indiegogo Form Alliance

Indiegogo and Arrow have partnered together to create a crowdfund-to-production platform that is aimed at supporting both of the individual technology entrepreneurs. This partnership was struck with the intention that the crowd-funded companies would be able to scale much faster than ever before in terms of bringing their products to the market.

Arrow will be integrating their design and production platform into Indiegogo’s crowdfunding engine. This will grant qualifying Indiegogo entrepreneurs with direct online access to Arrow’s design tools, prototype services, supply chain management, engineering experts and manufacturing support which is all encompassed in a first of its kind program. This package of benefits is worth up to $500,000. Arrow will also assess select Indiegogo campaigns for manufacturability, technical feasibility and overall impact with Arrow-supported campaigns given a special Arrow badge denotation on the Indiegogo site.

In addition to all of the technical and design support Arrow also will provide discounts on bills of materials and technology-design software along with access to dedicated design engineers that are available to help solve the most complex design challenges via live video collaboration platform offered through Arrow.com. Solar Roadways which is a project intended to turn roads into renewable energy sources was launched on Indiegogo and with Arrow’s product support is currently installing its first project in Idaho after raising more than $2.2 million in funding. Another Indiegogo campaign being supported by Arrow is JIBO, which is the world’s first social robot for home.

The project raised over $3 million dollars in funding and once again supported by Arrow’s design engineering support and services. JIBO robots are currently on track to a home near you. Indiegogo CEO David Mandelbrot can barely contain his excitement over the union and believes its strengthens their commitment to entrepreneurs along with spurring monumental growth “among tech and IoT projects on Indiegogo due in part because our team is constantly developing new ways to help entrepreneurs with support beyond funding.”

Finally as an added bonus, Arrow brings massive visibility through the Arrow technology-focused media network by featuring select technology campaigns on Arrow.com which generates over 50 million page views a month.


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