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BAE Systems Buys 20% Stake in Reaction Engines to Build Hypersonic SABRE Engine

BAE Systems, a British multinational security, defense, and aerospace company, has recently taken a 20% stake in Reaction Engines, which is a small, privately held, British technology company. Reaction Engines has been investing in innovative propulsion technology which would hopefully cut the costs of space travel significantly. According to the managing director of Reaction Engines, the company has been working on new ways to create a launcher which could take off in a similar fashion to an aircraft, which would then fly into space, release its satellite, and then ultimately return to Earth for reuse within 48 hours.

BAE Systems’ recent investment in Reaction Engines could potentially create new markets such as high-speed flight or low-cost space launch for the company, stated BAE’s Group Managing Director for programs, Nigel Whitehead. In addition to funding, BAE Systems will provide systems engineering support and program management in order to assist with the project. BAE’s role as Europe’s largest defense company will help to enable this technology to transition from the experimental stage into the next phase of development. In addition to BAE’s financing, Reaction Engines has also been granted funding from the British government, as the government has revealed their plans to provide GBP60 million in grant funding.

"Today's announcement represents an important landmark in the transition of Reaction Engines from a company that has been focused on the research and testing of enabling technologies for the Sabre engine to one that is now focused on the development and testing of the world's first Sabre engine,"

said managing director of Reaction Engines, Mark Thomas.

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