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Boeing Extends Li-ion Battery Agreement with Saft

The world’s leading designer and manufacturer of high technology batteries for industry has been awarded five new contracts from Boeing to build Li-ion batteries for four of Boeing’s current GEO communication satellite programs. French battery maker Saft will provide a steady and consistent supply of Li-ion batteries to power Boeing's satellites when solar rays are blocked by Earth during the geosynchronous orbit (GEO) mission for the next 5 years. Saft is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced technology batteries for industrial and defense applications.

Saft America president and Saft specialty battery group general manager Thomas Alcide said,

"Saft's continued relationship with Boeing further validates our proven history and heritage in the space and GEO markets, which now includes more than 145 satellites that have been powered by Saft advanced Li-ion technology solutions.”

Our long-term agreement and relationship with Boeing has solidified over the years and allows both Saft and Boeing the advantage not only of being business partners, but also partners in technology, always striving for the most competitive offering specific to each satellite. These five contracts, and several others already in production, represent a significant manufacturing base for our satellite battery business, said Annie Sennet, General Manager of Saft’s Space & Defense Division. Saft is dedicated to continuing this teamwork with Boeing and looks forward to enhancing our position as the premier satellite battery supplier in the US and worldwide industry. Maintaining our position as number one takes dedication, expertise, and teamwork.

Saft has established itself as a leader in providing advanced technology Li-ion batteries to the GEO satellite market by continually improving its products to meet the stringent demands of the space environment. Saft’s strong partnership with Boeing has been a major contributor to Saft’s significant growth in this market, which now includes 75 GEO satellites in orbit using the company’s Li-ion technology.

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December 11, 2015

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