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Boeing to Build Silkwave-1 Communication Satellite for New York Broadband

Entering service in 2018 will be Boeing’s 702 satellite, which will help to expand and broaden multimedia communications for mobile users in India, China, as well as other markets in Asia. The satellite will be procured by New York Broadband LLC (NYBB), who will then lease capacity to CMMB Vision in order to offer a detailed suite of information and media services to customers in Asia.

NYBB and CMMB Vision are breaking new ground in mobile media services,

said the managing director of NYBB, Charles Naumer.

With the finalization of this contract with Boeing for a 702 satellite, we have significantly moved forward in making next-generation mobile communications widely available in Asia.

This new Boeing 702 satellite, named the Silkwave-1, will ultimately operate along the 105 degrees east-orbital slot, which is currently being occupied by NYBB’s AsiaStar spacecraft. The upgrade to the Silkwave-1 will allow for 100 times greater transmission power in comparison to the AsiaStar spacecraft that it will be replacing.

With this new Boeing satellite, Silkwave-1, we will realize a vision to deliver quality multimedia capabilities to the consumer on the move,

said the CEO and chairman of CMMB Vision, Charles Wong.

“Video, voice, data and other new digital media will become more readily available than ever before along the Silk Road of Asia, one of the most historically significant routes for commerce in the world.”
The new Silkwave-1 spacecraft is designed to support broadband multimedia broadcasting to mobile users,

said the president of Boeing Satellite Systems International, Mark Spiwak.

It will have dedicated beams over China and India and a steerable beam over other Asian countries for independent services for different regions. This optimizes power based on regional needs and multiplies the overall bandwidth delivery capacity.

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