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Boeing’s Self-Cleaning Toilet

Boeing has created a way to kill close to 100% of germs in its carrier’s lavatories. Ultraviolet light will be used to disinfect all surfaces in the airplane’s bathroom.  This will help prevent the spread of infectious diseases between passengers between international flights.

These ultraviolet lights are non-harming to the human body, unlike the ones you find in tanning beds. The ultraviolet lights will only be in use when the lavatories are not occupied. Also, they will only touch the toilet seat, sink and counter-top surfaces.  On April 5th at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany, Boeing will be announced as a finalist for a Crystal Cabin Award.

George Hamiln, an aviation consultant believes these methods would help decrease airlines’ maintenance bills.  He feels that if the costs of this cleaning process are inexpensive, then he sees it spreading with other carriers as well. Airbus Group has been working on a similar self-cleaning concept of its own.

Airbus Group is going a different route for the control of germs in lavatories. They are developing touch-less bathroom technologies and anti-bacterial surfaces.  Vice president of marketing, Ingo Wuggetzer states,

the ambiance and overall freshness will be noticeably enhanced.  Airbus is set to significantly raise the bar on the passenger’s experiences.

Both Boeing and Airbus upgrades and lavatory advances have a great potential outside of the airplane bathrooms. Maintenance on adjoining lavatory components often occur due to corrosion.  These can be used throughout the airplane to help save money on repairs.


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