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Bombardier Received Approval for C-Series Jet Delivery

After being granted an airworthiness certificate, Bombardier has received the final go ahead to start delivering its C Series jet to customers. The C Series is intended to fill a perceived market gap between regional jets and the A320 and 737 commercial jets manufactured by Airbus and Boeing.

This good news for the aerospace company comes after a much anticipated release that initially drew a great amount of attention from customers, but was plagued with delays and an ever increasing budget. The announcement of the availability of this jet series comes over two years late, with the company having a net debt of over $6 billion. The delays in release has made it difficult for airlines to schedule fleet upgrades and created a sense of uncertainty that has led to most of these airlines taking a wait-and-see approach to ordering from the company.

So far Bombardier has been able to get less than 300 orders for the aircraft, but the company is willing to reduce prices for the C- Series in order to increase costumer interest. More to that with Transport Canada certifying the jet series for use, U.S. and European regulators are likely to approve of it as well.

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