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Cliff Electronics: The New Frontier of XLR Connector Design

Cliff Electronics has successfully created a range of XLR panel analogue connectors which are highly functional industry standard connectors. Their new model of mono and stereo jack will create a larger pool of consumers to be able to operate with. The XLR panel connectors are traditionally the three pinned analogue connectors which are mainly used for professional audio use. However, now there are many different pin variations which allow for numerous applications. The different patterned pins are specific to applications such as lighting, intercom, and more.

The variations of usage include audio, broadcast and even in the medical field. The dependability and security it features allow it to become a very sustainably and on demand component to many industries. The industry standard ¼ jack sockets are now available in the mono jack form which is 3.5 mm and the stereo jack which is the 6.35 mm. The mono jack has a a + lead and a shield, and the stereo jack has 2 + leads and a shield. This helps with getting different signals depending on the application.

The TP6 single terminal binding is offered in red and black to being used for a high current operation of up to 30A. It also features incorporated top and cross-connecting holes which are 4 mm in diameter. The Cliff terminal binding and jack sockets are compatible with a 3.5 mm countersunk mounting or 2.5 mm plain hole. The variations in Cliff’s XLR configuration allows for variation in integrating all types of mediums such as video and digital broadcasting into applications.

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