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Cornell Dubilier Develops a New Capacitor

Get more About Capacitor: Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. broadcast that it has developed the Orange Drop film capacitor product lines and all other radial product lines, from capacitor maker, SBE, Inc. of Barre, Vermont. Orange Drop capacitors are simply made with film dielectric and metallized or foil electrodes are well known for their outstanding performance in pulse DC and AC circuits. The Orange Drop line contains of about twenty series, each has its own exclusive design to cover various AC and DC submissions alternating from filter caps in switch mode power supplies to snubbers that defend IGBT’s in high power inverters. It is offered in values from 0.22 Nano farads to ten microfarads and voltages from one hundred Vdc to two thousand Vdc. Orange Drop Capacitors are radial leaded types that stand to a printed circuit board.

The term Orange Drop Capacitor was first created by Sprague Capacitor Company in the 1960’s because of their bright orange epoxy conformal coating. In addition, they also announced the release of its type BLC high energy density board mount DC link capacity that are made for medium inverter systems. The BLC capacitors are a great choice for challenging submissions in inverters for electric vehicles, motor drives, solar and wind energy, UPS systems, and much more.



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