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CPI Shows off New Secure Grid

A leading company in the power world, Cyber Power Systems, showed off its newest creation in the beginning of the year. CPS was founded in the mid-90’s and employees hundreds of people. They produce and carry a wide range of products from software, computer accessories, mobile additions and much more.

Their new product, the UPS, which stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply, is an ultra-secure system that is programmed to defend entire buildings from mass outages, security breaches, and random power surges. This protection ensures that important information is not lost, due to a fluctuation in power. UPS is the very first option that smart buildings have had when it comes to protecting their security data, smart energy information and important documents.

Not too much is known about the UPS because it has not been officially unveiled yet. UPS will be featured at the 2018 ASHRAE, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Winter Conference, as well as at the AHR Expo.

This new product from Cyber Power System shows what the future will look like, and integration is everywhere. This is the first time a product can handle pulling information and protecting data from multiple pre-existing systems and has the ability to combine them to create a brand-new system that runs seamlessly. In the past, power spikes and surges were inevitable, and system wide black outs were basically inevitable due to the high amounts of power running across the ever-active grid. But now, with CPS’s new products, these concerns can stay in the past.


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