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CUI continues its trend of innovation in power modules

Innovation  in Growth of power Modules : CUI Incorporated has recently  stated the publication of its second generation digital point of load dc-dc modules for spreading power construction submissions. The NDM2P series emphases only on the design and growth of leading edge power platforms. The parts offer accurate cycle-by-cycle recompense, separately balancing the trade-offs between vibrant presentation and system stability. The designers are able to avoid the traditional practice of building-in margins to account for features such as factor ageing, developed variations, and temperature, which lead to advanced component cost and extensive design cycles. With the NDM2P’s self-compensation feature, the module is able to set optimal stability in real time as settings change.

CUI continues to be the only module producer in the industry to offer a full portfolio of self-compensating digital POL modules. They also released the first self-compensating No-Bus digital point of load dc-dc module family. The modules are designed for customers who value the productivity and recompense benefits inherent in digital power but do not want to include digital bus communication in their systems. The NSM2P series will let customers access many of the same features as a fully digital POL, but the access will be by header pins that will link to a USB dongle and CUI’s Digital Power GUI. In addition they also presented a line of fully regulated transitional bus dc-dc converters with innovative digital control from their Novum Advanced Power product line. The converters are CUI’s first product release created on the freshly publicized license arrangement with Ericsson for their Advanced Bus Converter portfolio based on the FRIDA II platform. Ericsson is the world's primary provider of technology and services to telecom operators. Get more online about CUI's with best quote.


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