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Del-Tron – Innovative Automated Equipment Manufacturer

Headquartered in Bethel, Connecticut, Del-Tron Precision, Inc. was founded in 1974 as the world’s first supplier of commercially available sub-miniature ball slides. Del-Tron has distribution centers worldwide including within the United States, Canada, and Germany and sales locations in Japan and throughout Southeast Asia. The company offers components for automated equipment manufacturers, particularly anti-friction linear bearings for modern industrial equipment. Original equipment manufacturers use Del-Tron’s products for applications which include medical diagnostic equipment, semiconductor-processing equipment, computer peripherals, assembly systems, and scientific instruments.

Each of Del-Tron’s product lines address a specific requirement such as precise positioning accuracy, miniature motion, extended travels, or high load carrying capabilities. These products ensure a reliable mechanical interface to provide free motion in one direction. One example of a ball slide application is in eyeglass frame tracer—a machine used to generate the geometric information by which eyeglass frames are constructed. This process requires virtually no friction for an accurate frame. Del-Tron’s ball slides can be used within the tracer to activate motion and allow the tracer to record steady and accurate information.

Del-Tron’s product portfolio divides their products into the following families:
  1. Slides (Ball Roller, Crossed Roller, Non-Magnetic, Anti-Creep) – boasts a life of 10 million inches of travel when used at capacity, a coefficient of friction from 0.003-.002, accuracy from .0005-.0001inch/inch of travel, a self-cleaning ball, applicable for both horizontal or vertical lines
  2. Micrometer Positioning Slides – the addition of a micrometer enables a load or device to be positioned in precise increments, with travel ranges from .25-2 inches
  3. Crossed Roller Tables (aluminum & steel) – boasts a carrying capacity of over 2600 lbs
  4. DL Linear Actuators – uses a lead or ball screw within an aluminum box structure which uses a rotating guide for linear motion
  5. High Precision Positioners – over 60 models are available, with accuracy of .0005 inch/inch of travel, supports load capacities up to 60 lbs
  6. Posi-Drives – features zero backlash with Minis being only 1.250 inches tall and 1.380 inches wide,
  7. Crossed Roller Rail Sets – with ruggedization (hardened steel v-grooved) which can withstand heavy loads and impacts, featuring accurate parallelism of 2 microns over 4 inches, and corrosion resistance (stainless steel)
  8. Recirculating Slide Guides – ideal for applications requiring long travels and minimum space, utilizes a block and guide rail for recirculating motion, capable of carrying over 700 kg and travels of up to 880mm
  9. High Speed Belt Drive Actuators – capable of speeds up to 5.1 meters per second with an accuracy of .083 mm per meter
  10. Air Actuators – works at a low pressure operation (<10 psi), low friction (<1 gm), and a variety of speeds, ideal for fluid samples and adhesive deposition.


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