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Developments at Infineon

Beneficial Information About Infineon:  Power electronics are coming into contact with a nonstop rise in their power concentrations. As a consequence, thermal management for today’s power semiconductors must be combined as early as their enterprise phase. Only then can dependable cooling be protected over the long term. A highly important role is allocated to thermal transmission at the link between the component and the heat sink.

In these cases, supplies are frequently used that cannot meet the rising requirements. The company is in search for a remedy. Infineon Technologies AG has united a TIM material solution from Henkel Electronic Materials to now make accessible to a heat leading compound enhanced definitely for the architecture of power semiconductors in components. In addition, they had just transported its one hundred millionth TriCore-microcontroller. That ranks these microcontrollers amongst the most popular in automotive electronics. The TriCore-based microcontrollers from Infineon are accumulated in over fifty automotive brands. This means that almost every second vehicle created today contains a TriCore-based microcontroller. It is accountable for keeping the fuel ingesting and exhaust productions as low as possible. Contact today for Infineon with best quote online.


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