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Dialogic - Reliability of Any-to-Any Network Connections

Dialogic, Inc. was founded in Montreal, Canada 1984 as Eicon Networks Corporation. In 1999, the company was acquired by Intel but has since divested. In 2006, Eicon bought the Media & Signaling Division of Intel and became Dialogic.

Dialogic technologies focus on addressing five key market segments:
  1. Any to Any Networking – to enable uninterrupted flow of media-rich information from disparate network protocols including TDM, IP, SIP and IMS
  2. Contact Center Transformation – to improve contact center efficiency as they transition from TDM to IP and from premise-based to cloud/hosted
  3. Unified Communications for Service Providers – to improve service providers’ ability with network switching infrastructure and value-added services including hosted IP-PBX (both PC and mobile), video calling, and sophisticated Class 5 services
  4. Application Enablement – to allow application developers to develop and monetize value-added services such as messaging, SMS, video calling, ringtones, and GPS
  5. Network Congestion – to optimize network traffic and delivering capacity of up to 500%, Dialogic’s technologies are network non-specific and can work with TDM, VoIP, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, satellite, microwave, copper, and fiber transport

Since its beginnings in manufacturing components for the computer telephony market, Dialogic has folded numerous companies into its corporation, including NMS Communications, Cantata, and Veraz Networks (which specialized in SBC and compression technology). This has allowed the company to expand its product portfolio and shift its focus towards service provider infrastructure. With this new approach, Dialogic is currently promoting their optimization solutions, known as Network Fuel™, which is used by 48 of the world’s top 50 mobile operators and nearly 3,000 application developers, and helping customers transition from hardware/premise-based service providers towards software virtualization and cloud-based infrastructure. Dialogic also specializes in bridging diverse networks, from legacy terrestrial to mobile voice networks or from next-gen IP networks to 3G mobile networks. Additionally, Dialogic products have been proven to increase VoIP backhaul capacity by double, alleviating network congestion without requiring additional and expensive MPLS bandwidth.

Dialogic boasts a vast range of products in areas such as: media server software – including PowerMedia XMS and WebRTC (real-time communication) which are used for conferencing, IVR, and transcoding, recording, interworking, and media processing; session border controllers; media gateways; network congestion; diameter signaling controllers – including their BorderNet™ Diameter Services Helix whose DEA, IWF and DRA functionality enhances capabilities of mobile, Wi-Fi, IPX, and fixed operators ; diameter, SIGTRAN & SS7 components; programmable media platforms; softswitch; media and network interface boards.

With revenue for fiscal year 2013 totaling $132.1 million, the company has received numerous awards for its products. These include recognition by the 2013 American Technology Awards for Telecommunication, Telecom Asia Reader’s Choice Awards for Bandwidth Optimization Products, Light Reading Leading Lights Award for Best New Product, Tolly Group Awards Performance Certification to Dialogic PowerMedia XMS, CTI Forum Editor’s Choice Awards for Media Gateway Technology and Mobile Video Solutions, Miercom Awards Performance Verified Certification to the Dialogic BorderNet 4000 Session Border Controller, and the 2011 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award.


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