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Distinguished Supplier of RF Remote Controls and RF Telemetry Systems

Gradual Development towards Success: This company began as a partnership between Fox guard Car Alarms Ltd. and ASL Ltd. From the living room in a house in Lewes, East Sussex in 1992. In the next year Fox guard sold out of this company. The next year RF Solutions launched the ICEPIC Emulator. In 1996, they shipped the 5L Microchip ICEPIC. In 1997 RF Solutions acquired ASL and in 2000, they acquired Quasar UK Ltd. They gained ISO9001:2000 certification in 2001 and were RoHS WEEE compliant in 2005. In 2006, they had IPC-A-610 In House Training.

A Brief on the Product Line of RF Solutions:

RF Solutions believes that success comes from high quality in which they use as their focus. Their high quality products include the following:

  • Remote Control Systems:
  • Secure and reliable, din rail mounting, IP68 and IP68 rated enclosures, 12/24V dc and 240v AC version, range up to 6000 meters line of sight, up to 16 channel systems, and remote control over GSM Network.
  • Products include: HORNET Remote Control Systems, VIPER Remote Control Systems, ELITE Remote Control Systems, SABRE Remote Control Systems, PROTEXT GSM Remote Control, PRO Industrial Control Systems, DIN Rail and Industrial Control Systems, Main slink systems, Embedded Systems, Radio Trap Systems, KEELOQ Systems, Bluetooth Remote Controllers and FIREFLY/FIREBLADE Systems.
  • Radio Modules and IC’s:
  • AM, FM, FM Narrowband Radio Modules, Transmitters, Receivers & Transceivers, Encryption chipsets, Encoder/Decoder IC's, Evaluation Kits, and Programming Aids.
  • Products include: ZULU Modules, BRAVO Module, Transceiver Modules, FM Transmitter/Receiver Modules, AM Transmitter/Receiver Modules, Encoder/Decoder and Encryption IC’s, Embedded Systems, RF Signal Strength Meter, Introduction to Radio Book, Bluetooth, Sigsbee and Wi-Fi, and TEA clipper Programming Clip.
  • Modems:
  • Radio Modems, Wireless Data Comms, Serial RS232, GSM Modems, Dual & Quad Band GSM / GPRS Modems, and Support: EDGE, GPRS, CSD, Voice, Data/Fax, SMS.
  • Products include: GSM Modems and Modules, Radio Modems and Modules, and GSM Remote Control.
  • Antennas:
  • Products include: 315MHz Antenna, 433MHz Antenna, 868MHz Antenna, 915MHz Antenna, 2.4/5.8MHz Antenna, GSM Antennas, GPS Antenna, GPS/ GSM Combo Antennas, Cable Assemblies for Antennas, Applications, Connector Type, and Form or Type.
  • GPS Products:
  • GPS Receiver Modules, Standard NMEA Protocol and Fast Acquisition / High Sensitivity.
  • Products include: GPS Antennas, Surface Mount GPS Receiver Module, Embedded GPS Receiver Module and Board Level GPS Receiver Module
  • RFID:
  • Range of Cost Effective RF Identification products, Support for Hitag, Mifare and Marin Protocols, Evaluation Kits for rapid development, and Hitag 1/2, Quad Tag, EM Marin, Mifare & ICODE RF ID modules.
  • Products include: RFID Hitag 1/S Module, RFID Hitag 2 Module, RFID EM Marin Module, RFID QUAD Tag Module, and RFID Mifare / ICODE Module.
  • Access Control Systems:
  • CALL ‘2’ OPEN using your mobile phone, Easy Installation and Configure using, User Password Controlled, and ‘White List’ up to 100 Tel No’s.
  • Products include: Call to Open.
  • Cable Accessories:
  • Multiple connector types, various cable lengths and high quality.
  • Products include: Cable Assemblies and RF Adapters.

ASAP Semiconductor - A well Known Distributer of RF Solution Products:

ASAP Semiconductor is a leading distributor of all RF Solution products. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at sales@asapsemi.com or 1-714-705-4780 and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives available will be ready to assist you.


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