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Drone 3D Printing Has Become a Reality

Many that thought Drone 3D printing is impossible. For many years this was something that was not considered possible until Philip Keane a PhD student launches a CubeSat company that researches the application of ULTEM 9085 traceable aerospace-grade. High strength FDM 3D printing at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He designed what many people thought impossible. He designed a drone that was 3D printed with embedded electronics. Although embedded electronics were not a first and people are familiar with them, what was striking to this invention is the high temperature that was involved in this printing the temperature that is requires is at least 160C. that is only the minimum that is equipped and it goes up to 300C, therefore for him to design a quadcopter that is able to survive these high temperatures was a success and it considered one of the best practices.

The materials that were involved in this are using aerospace grade materials. Philip explained

“One of the toughest challenges was to find electronic components that could theoretically survive the high temperature printing process – we had to add some heat-proofing modifications to the components to ensure they could last. This involved adding new components to the printed circuit boards and designing custom housings.”

Keep in mind the usual temperature surviving rate is usually 80C to 100C therefor moving up to 300C is a great accomplishment and a main reason why many people thought this was not a possible thing. Therefore, when this actually became reality many were shocked and many were excited for this new invention. The most recent and only drone that was completed was completed in under 14 hours and can support over 60kg of work/ this is really impressive and is shocking to many. This would not have been a possibility if it was the products were not available but because there are many parts distributors such as ASAP semiconductor it was a possibility.


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