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Echelon – Developing a Smarter More Efficient World

Echelon was founded in 1988 and launched their revolutionary LonWorks platform in 1990. The LonWorks platform is used for network control in the transportation, industrial and home automation industries. Then in 2003 Echelon released their open metering infrastructure, Network Energy Services. Echelon is the pioneer of open-standard control networking platforms.

The backbone of Italy’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure network which links 27 million electricity meters is provided by Echelon. More than 100 million devices across 35 million homes and 300,000 buildings worldwide utilize Echelon’s technology platform to control industrial strength communities of devices. Around the world modern railroad systems use Echelon’s LonWorks network to implement the use of the Industrial Internet of Things. Using the advanced IIoT technologies trains operate more efficiently, for example the Santa Clara County Valley Transit Authority in Silicon Valley uses this system. A set of LonWorks communication chips monitor everything from the doors and windows to breaking and propulsion. Each component needs to be carefully monitored for functionality and maintenance records. For better communication within the network Echelon developed the FT 6000 Smart Transceiver series. This chip supports up to 254 network variables, 127 aliases, and up to 254 address table entries which represents a 16-fold increase from previous communication chips. On October 1, 2014 Echelon completed the sales of its Grid pision to S&T AG. S&T AG is a European IT systems provider that focuses on smart energy products and services. S&T purchased the Grid pision for just under $5 million. The sale will allow Echelon to focus on the development of their Industrial Internet of Things business. S&T will continue operating the current grid while echelon supplies them with their industry-leading narrowband high-reliability power line communication chips. ASAP Semiconductor is the foremost distributor of Echelon Incorporated. Interested customers can browse our extensive catalogue of both obsolete and in-production Echelon Incorporated parts at asapsemi.com. Please feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives via sales@asapsemi.com for a quote.


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