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Eldec Connectors for Various Aerospace and Electronics Purpose

Why Eldec Known to be Top Distributor of Various Products : Eldec is one of the top divisions of Crane Aerospace & Electronics, which supplies critical systems and components to various different markets, including aerospace and defense. They have applications in landing gear, engines, satellites, medical implants, unmanned aerial systems, and many others. Crane Co. currently employs 11,000 employees at 120 locations in over 25 countries. Since its founding in 1855, annual net sales have grown to $2.58 billion as of 2012.

The brands that operate under the Crane Co. name are ELDEC, Hydro-Aire, Interpoint, Keltec, Lear Romec, Merrimac Industries, P.L. Porter, Polyflon, and Signal Technology. In particular, ELDEC manufactures electronic and electromechanical products for various aerospace and defense purposes. They are known for making fluid management solutions, power solutions, and sensing and utility systems solution. They were acquired in 1994 by Crane Co. and were founded in 1957. Currently, their locations are in France and Washington, USA.

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Some of their fluid management solution products are lube and scavenge pumps, fuel pumps, water pumps, and coolant pumps, and fuel flow transmitters. Applications for these are in oil, fuel, and coolants. In particular are positive displacement (vane, gerotor, spur gear) pumps, and centrifugal pumps. Contact today for ELDEC with Best quote Online.


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