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First U.S. made Airbus A321neo Going Up Against Boeing 737

On Friday March 04 2016, Airbus announced that the first U.S. built A321NEO will be coming from its Mobile, Alabama plant. Figures show that the Airbus A321neo is out selling Boeings 737 Max 9.  Out of 1,269 planes that were ordered by airlines, Boeing’s 737 Max 9 has won only 17 percent of the orders.

Airbus paves the way for the growth in the U.S market commercial aircraft with its Alabama plant. The future looks very well for Airbus, especially outside of the commercial airline industries. They are set to compete in the U.S. military industries, such as the Air Force tanker contract.

Boeing historically, dominated in larger U.S based carriers and Military contracts. Airbus is slowly creeping up from behind to target these markets. Even with Boeing’s exclusivity with Southwest and Alaskan airlines, Jet Blue’s decided to fleet consists of 156 Airbus jets out of the 216 planes in the commercial airline industry.

Airbus has position itself for higher visibility with their new business with Jet Blue. The A320neo will be receiving a lot exposure with services out of Seattle – Tacoma International Airport to Los Angeles later this month with Spirit Airlines. This will be one of the first U.S. made carriers out of the Alabama plant. It also helps that Spirit’s carriers are painted bright yellow.

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July 19, 2016

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