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Fujitsu components announces I OS Compatible Bluetooth Modules

Fujitsu Gives New Meaning of Technology: Technology indeed is developing, with the new launch of Bluetooth modules from Fujitsu for IOS devices it has proved once again to be ahead of others. Now IPod, ITouch, IPhone, and IPad can be installed with Bluetooth devices for direct transfer of data. The Apple products were lacking in Bluetooth technology which was offered by several other brands in the list, now they can face the market without any hesitation.

Power class 2 modules are being developed which are Version 2.1+EDR for assisting OEM. They can quickly create wireless links without any problems; they can be attached to other terminals which are used for day to day purposes.

MBH7BTZ family of Bluetooth devices from Fujitsu have proved to be beneficial in the long run, it is now equipped with Blue Core -4 External Chip which can ensure the transfer takes place in less time. Expect embedded communications, upper layer protocol stack (L2CAP, SDP, RFCOMM), SPP, GAP, and other controls can be easily established with a simple command that can help in bridging the gap.

Fujitsu is leading manufacturer of electronic components  are designed to last long; they deliver exceptional performance when installed in such products. Speaking about dimensions, the MBH7BTZ50 is 31.0 x 15.0 x 2.5mm module which is created out ceramic and has an antenna and FFC interface. The new Bluetooth devices will be launched in September 2012. One of the striking features of these products is that they are fully compatible with other Bluetooth products and have IC/CE/FCC approvals. Other companies which are ready to buy these products require MFi License joining which is being provided by Apple Inc.


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