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Fujitsu Develops Tiny 20Gbps Wireless Communications Receiver

The Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services company Fujitsu has recently developed a wireless communications receiver which is capable of transferring data at a rate of about 20 gigabits per second, while also being compact enough to fit inside of a smartphone. Fujitsu’s receiver would allow mobile devices to transfer 4K or 8K videos almost instantly.

At this level of high-speed wireless performance, Fujitsu is calling this component the world’s first compact 300GHz receiver which should be able to offer much faster communication speeds than what is currently being offered by today’s mobile devices. The device itself combines a receiver-amplifier chip and a terahertz-band antenna into one cohesive unit, totaling in at less than 1 cubic centimeter. The sensitivity of its receiving is much greater than comparable components manufactured by other companies, while also allowing for transmission ranges of up to 1 meter, according to Fujitsu.

“It is the first time such a highly sensitive terahertz band receiver has been made small enough to fit into a current-generation cellular phone,”
stated a Fujitsu spokesman via an email.

When used with dedicated kiosks, Fujitsu’s receiver would allow for massive file transfers. The receiver utilizes a polyimide for the printed-circuit substrate in order to minimize signal loss. It is also paired with a mounting technology which is also used in millimeter-wave band collision-avoidance radar chips. Fujitsu said that its design, for the first time ever, broadens the applicable frequencies into the terahertz band. The terahertz band, which is found between the infrared and microwave regions of the spectrum, has been the primary focus of research for wireless capacity. Such wireless capacity would be used with high-res audio as well as data for 4K and 8K imagery. Fujitsu plans on presenting its research this week in Paris at the European Microwave Week.

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