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GE Aviation Wins $400M GEnx-1B Engine Order from Qantas

Australian carrier Qantas has ordered eight Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. These 787-9 Dreamliners are going to be powered by the GEnx-1B engine which will be ready to go by 2017/2018. The GEnx-1B is considered the most widely used engine on the Dreamliner.

Chaker Chahrour, vice president and general manager of Global Sales & marketing at GE Aviation said,

“Qantas’ selection of the GEnx engine for its newly announced Boeing 787-9 aircraft is another vote of confidence for this engine that is the leading engine choice of 787 Dreamliner operators around the world. The GEnx-1B engine offers operators outstanding performance, fuel burn and reliability that sets it apart in its class.”

According to GE Aviation, these GEnx-1B engine models have done over 1.7 million flight hours and 300,000 cycles since they have entered service. These engines can also power B-747’s, B-767’s and Airbus 330. They have also been sold to more than 50 customers.

These engines are the quietest, most passenger friendly commercial engines that GE has ever produced. They deliver up to 15 percent better specific fuel consumption than the engines that it replaces which ultimately helps the operators.  Not only this, but the engine is able to stay on the wing for 20% longer while keeping 30% fewer parts which also keeps maintenance costs low. The engines emissions are up to 95 percent below current regulatory limits which will help ensure clean compliance.

According to GE Aviation,

“All of these improvements are thanks to the incorporation of advanced and proven technologies from other engine families and on-going R&D programs. Like lightweight, durable composite materials and specialized coatings. An innovative, clean-burning combustor, a counter rotating architecture. And a fan module that’s virtually maintenance-free.”

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