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Global Semiconductor Markets may Decline say experts

Know More About Semiconductor: Technology is developing day by day and the requirement of new products always has a rising trend, but this time it was an economic slowdown which reduced the sales, US, Europe and China was in the major league. A global survey was conducted and it was noted that sales in 2nd quarter had been declined 3 percent to $77 billion dollars when it was compared to the second quarter of 2011, involved parties were Intel and SanDisk Corporation which are the leaders in semiconductor technology. Electronic components are having their bad time in the market.

HIS never thought it would be a great decline in the revenue for the years, the market looked weak but this was just a confirmation to the thought generated. Blame it on the poor economic conditions which has affected every other market in the industry, said Dale Ford, Senior Director at HIS. Paragon Report released few market updates which could benefit some investors who are trying their luck in the Semiconductor market.

Intel Corporation declared the revenue in 2012 to be of $13.5 Billion and net income of $2.8 billion, this was a downtrend which had affect majorly in the above mentioned markets. Intel President and CEO, Paul Otellini confirmed the entry of the company in the 3rd quarter and promised some growth in the macroeconomic environment at a much slower rate.

SanDisk Corporation on the other hand had quoted the revenue to be $1.03billion and net income showing a decline of 25% from last year sales and further moving to 14% on sequential basis. This has surely affected the market in depth confirmed SanDisk.

Third party is involved in the compensation of the Paragon Report for their advertising services. Electronic components which are created to serve the humans are now facing a major decline in their sales due to the economic slowdown.


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