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Grayhill Succeeds in another Endeavor

Breif Information About Grayhill Succeess : Grayhill, Inc. had introduced the new compact Series 67A Joystick mid last year. The Hall-Effect joystick has a built in micro-controller for the 12C interface. The 12C interface is a flexible and fairly simple interface bus for communication with other arithmetical devices. The 67A is the first to offer arithmetical output from a joystick with a twenty eight millimeter tall bat handle and it requires a eighteen millimeter of just behind panel  deepness which is more common in lager joysticks. They also introduced the new NavCoder which is a three-in-one human interface device that combines a joystick, an optical encoder and a pushbutton on a single shaft to deliver guiding and rotating control.

Grayhill, Inc. had introduced this new Grayhill product is called the Series 60AR which is the toughest NavCoder with an IP67 seal, it is also the only one built to tolerate severe use and abuse in outdoor, unprotected submissions. In addition, Grayhill also introduced a Software Development Kit last year. They developed this kit for their Instinct software.  Instinct is a suite of multi-touch motion acknowledgment software tools that can be used to bring instinctive multi-touch human interface functionality to a wide range of electronic equipment.


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