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Hall Sensors with Lower Cost and Space

Infineon Technologies are bringing new hall sensors that are much smaller in size and they are more cost effective. This is good for the environment as well as for the consumer. The new hall sensors not only preserve the material by reducing the size of the sensor but they also reduce the size of the circuit boards they used in, this makes technology as usual advance in the right direction in making technology much smaller and more efficient. Power consumption is even reduced by almost 50% compared to the older version of the hall sensor. This is very useful for the energy efficient systems that are looking for stable magnetic switching points, robustness and precision.

Switches and latches have an integrated Hall element, a voltage regulator, choppers, an oscillator and an output driver. The voltage regulator gives power to the entire circuit as well as the Hall element. The choppers in the circuit ensure that the temperature does not rise beyond a certain point to prevent heating and they also control process fluctuation to keep it at minimum. Those fluctuations happen for three different reasons, the first reason is that the Hall sensors have different magnetic switch points and this can cause a little bit of fluctuation. The second reason is that temperature rising in the circuit board can affect the strength of the magnetic field and therefore effect the power of the circuit which then leads to the third reason which leads to the Hall element output voltage that also gets affected by temperature.

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