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Configure Your Connector With Harting Electrical Components

History About Harting Electrical Components: Harting, founded in 1945 in Minden, Germany, is a manufacturer of electrical and electronic components including connectors, device terminations, and back-panes, as well as cable harnesses for networks and machinery. The company currently operates with 40 other subsidiary companies that do business in over 27 countries. It has grown to employ a workforce of 2,700 employees globally. Applications for their products are for mechanical and plant engineering, broadcast and entertainment, telecommunications, and power generation and industrial electronics.

Products offered 2315 types of industrial connectors, 763 system cables and cable assemblies, 71 ethernet switches, over 500 tools and accessories, 3517 board-to-board and PCB terminal blocks, 4550 I/O connectors, and 21 system cables for distributed drive systems. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, as Harting continually develops and manufactures new parts and adjusts their product offering.

Take note of some relatively recent news, as the CEO of Harting planned growth of its employee workforce starting in 2012. Last year, they have more than doubled their workforce in certain locations (notable Harting Deutschland GmbH). In addition to their traditional customers of GE, Siemens, AG (SIE), Alstom SA, and others, they have been in the process of negotiating several large orders for the broadcast and medical industries that are looking to go through in the near future. This growth has not gone unnoticed to investors, as shown through the company’s 23% growth on Standard & Poor’s 500 Industrial Index. This is more than the 15% growth overall on the broader S&P 500. Contact today for best quote online from Harting.


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