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Harwin Expands Portsmouth Facility to Meet Production Needs

Harwin, the manufacturer of some of the most reliable interconnects and PCB hardware in the industry, has just opened a new industrial center in Portsmouth. This project increased Harwin’s floor space at this location by 33%, at a cost of nearly £3m.

Prince Michael of Kent served as special guest for the building’s inaugural day.

The building measures 3,000m^2. The expansion was necessary for Harwin’s plan to increase capabilities. According to Harwin chairman, Damon de Laszlo, the company had outgrown the previous amenities, and continuing to produce high quality electronic parts was just not possible anymore with the size of the former center.

Harwin does not only produce electronic parts, but also engineers the machines that make them. Stamping, plating, mounting, turning, and assembly are all parts of the process that Harwin handles. This is why investments in new technology are vital. It not only allows designs to advance, but training of workers improves and the overall performance of the company is enhanced.

The increase in capacity will also allow for productivity to increase. Especially if the development plan that Harwin plays out accordingly. The company is looking to use more big data methodologies by implementation of 4 .0 smart factory practices. This will take into consideration customer ordering needs and manufacturing data.

Something worth acknowledging is that while Harwin distributes connectors for professional requests, it also produces the 40-pin 10 connectors for the Raspberry-Pi single-board series. These small and economic computers are the size of a credit card and produced in the UK.


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