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Linear Technology releases a High Accuracy RMS Power Detector

There are two types of currents, direct current and alternating currents. Any piece of equipment that utilizes an electric current in order to function eventually has to have direct current passing through it. The current we receive from the electric company and passes through the wires throughout the city and into our homes is an Alternating current. So what the technology industries do, basically any device that uses an electric current and receives a power input from the electric company has an electric circuit that converts alternating current into a direct current and then the current can pass through and power on which ever device you are working with. Linear technology has been able to come up with an RMS power detector which uses a root-mean-square function to measure an accurate estimate of the RF signal. The Direct Current output will give an accurate estimate of an RF Signal that is accurate to the tenth of dB.

This RMS detector is nothing short of a clever design because it gives possibilities to a circuit designer to measure accurate RF signals and therefor giving the possibility of a more effective design and improved system performance. Traditionally such equipment was used to measure frequencies above 10GHz, at 10 GHz the quarter of a wavelength is measured at 7.5 mm. Such diodes is useful for measuring high signals, which means that they will be less accurate when measuring low signals.

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