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IBM, ST to produce a logic process using nano relays

Why to Choose Big Brand Like IBM: 20th century days of electromechanical computation are sort of over; 21st century upgrades and technology have dominated the current market. IBM and ST are taking charge by providing nano technology. Their latest development of low power processor which is made from high end nanometer-scale mechanical relays has actually proven to be essential in the long run. IBM Zurich is controlling the new invention which has taken place and the European Commission is quite happy about it. It will be compatible with conventional CMOS transistor logic which is being used several years.

Along with IBM as a big manufacturer of electronic components  and ST Microelectronics even Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne, Kungliga Tekniska Hoegskola and the University of Lancaster and Bristol have also contributed their inputs in the succession of this new wonder. 3.96 million euro will be spent over the span of three years, 2.44 million euro is being provided by the European Commission.

Footprint of the new relays are expected to have less than 3 micron by 3 micron area which is quite small and not visible to the naked eye, this will eventually reduce the switching time to 10nano seconds. Creating such a wonder requires years of research in the field of nano technology. The NEMIAC (Nano-Electro-Mechanical Integration and Computation) project is specifically designed to aim at nano electromechanical devices. One of the striking features of these new relays is that having higher radiation resistance; such properties can come handy in creating new technology where presence of radiation is required. Consider this as a major upgrade in the field of technology.


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